Stone Sculptures by Karen Brodie


Always ThereRediscover the disappearing art of Stone Sculpting!

Karen Brodie is a second generation sculptor and artist, her love and passion for art is conveyed through stone. From figurative nudes to mythical creatures, her creativity crosses a wide, eclectic range of genres. She is a Contemporary Realism Sculptor and is considered a “direct carver” since she does not use models; instead, prefer to sculpt from her own imagination.  Each stone is carefully chosen so her vision compliments the stone’s personality; she works with the stone, as opposed to forcing the stone to work for her. 

Karen Brodie is an associate member of the NSS, (National Sculpture Society, USA) and a member of the NCNS, (National Capital Network of Sculptors, Canada).

Next Shows or Exhibitions:

Canada: Artiscok Gallery, Toronto, ON  December 18- January 31, 2015

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